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Felix..good questions...the way the system is suppose to work, when you check in with baggage, your bag tag # is edited into the computer and when you go thru the gate reader to go down the jetway, it tells the ramp ok to board the bag or more to the point, if you don't board the aircraft, then the ramp must offload your bag (thus the cut off time to check in which is between 30-45 minutes before scheduled departure, which gives the ramp plenty of time)..the exception(s) are usually when the flight is oversold and they ask for volunteers (which is usually last minute) and international flights
if your bag goes to a different city then you, 99% of the time, it's human error on the part of the ramp (not reading the bag tag or placing the bag in the wrong transfer pit)..weight and balance issues may cause your bag to be advanced on an earlier flight usually a non stop (assuming that you are on a connection flight and have checked in)..i.e. you are going FLL to LAX via ORD at 11 am and arriving at 5 pm and there is a non stop FLL to LAX at 1030 am arriving at 330 pm
the baggage system actually works pretty well (unless of course it's your bag) and the airlines get 98% of the bags arrive with the customer
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