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Default Seatrade Opens

The Sea trade - Cruise Shipping Miami Conference - opened this morning with a presentation by Chile.
A very current and topical opening I thought.

The presentation was entitled, Oportunities for Cruises Chile. I noticed in the Power Point presentation, then it was confirmed by my spell checker that the word “Oportunities” jumped out at me. I don’t speak or read Spanish, so at first I thought it may have been Spanish, but the rest of the presentation was in English.
Certainly not a big deal, but it did allow me to begin the conference with a bit of a laugh (under my breath of course).

The thrust of the presentation, which I’ll go into more detail about later, that even with the devastating earthquake that the country is struggling to deal with, the country is indeed still ready for cruise ship visits.
Though it’s nearing the end of their season for cruise ship visits, they wanted us to know their ports are now running at 90% efficiency.
A note of interest - cruise ship passengers visiting Chile are compromised of 57% Americans, 8 % British, and 8 % Canadian.
Also of note is that even before the earthquake Chile had reduced their port costs for cruise ships by 30%.
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