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Default Eggs actly what you need to know about Eggs

This afternoon I attended a presentation by Davidson’s Safest Choice Pasteurized Eggs, along with 3 other “interested” cruise journalists. Seating was not obviously not at a premium. This goes to show you that so many of us simply take eggs for granted. It’s almost tragic (tongue planted firmly in cheek).
I wondered if the presenter made a mistake by beginning his presentation by telling us 80% of all salmonella illnesses are sourced to eggs, and according to the CDC 200,000 cases are reported annually. Gosh, could this be the beginning of the newly titled (by me) Cruise Egg Disease running rampant?
It was explained that in most ways eggs are prepared, such as sunny side up, easy over, etc. , the eggs are not cooked to high enough temperatures to kill the Salmonella bacteria.
So, naturally the question followed… What makes Davidson’s Safest Choice Pasteurized Eggs the better choice?
Davidson’s process begins with AA eggs only, that are normally delivered to their plant within 1 or 2 days of “exiting the chicken“.
The chickens are vegetarian fed, and no hormones or antibiotics are used on them. Once at the Davidson’s plant the eggs are lowered into a hot water bath tank, equipped with special air pumps, and kept in the bath long enough to kill any salmonella, but still not cook the eggs. Once washed the eggs are covered in a light food wax to keep the eggs bacteria free.
Once the process is completed the pasteurized and bacteria free eggs have a shelf life of 60 days, which I was told is about twice the shelf life of “normal” eggs. These pasteurized eggs can also be left un-refrigerated for 8 hours, and then safely refrigerated once again.
The eggs come from two types of chickens; those raised cage free, and those raised caged. To the marketplace suppliers the eggs from the caged raised chickens run @ $2.00/dz. Those from the cage free chickens run @ $3.00 dozen.
BTW… cage free does not mean the chickens are lounging on Miami beach in a cabana, where I could have spent the afternoon if I wasn’t so darn interested in eggs.
Genius that I am, I forgot to ask if any of the cruise lines are currently using these “Safest Choice Eggs”, but I’ll remember to follow up when I visit Davidson’s booth on the tradeshow floor later in the week.
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