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Originally Posted by 2sailors View Post
We have a 12:10pm flight from FLL from the Oasis on April. In reading all these posts, I keep noticing mention of self assist luggage to get off ship earlier. I am assuming this means you keep all your baggage in your cabin rather than setting it out the night before? How do you know at what time you can disembark and how do you let guest services know this is waht you want to do? Neither of us can remember ever seeing it as an option on the paper you fill out that asks for departure time/flight #/etc.
Thanks much for explaining this!
You're right - you do keep your luggage with you instead of putting it in the hallway. At the same time I would suggest you think hard about doing it if you have more than one carry-on and one regular case. There is no one to help you so you really must be able to handle everything yourself.

If that's what you want to do, get up early have a quick breakfast and head to the disembarking area. You want to be as close as possible so you can watch and see when they allow self serve to leave. On the huge RCL ships that can be a big issue if you aren't really close to the front. It also depends on where the gangplank is. I do remember when we were on the Independence we decided to carry off our own luggage simply because it was only a 4 day and all we had was one carry on each. Well, what a terrible mess that was!!! Everyone who had done both the 4 day and the transatlantic thereby having piles of luggage were pushing and snarling their way off. It was horrid. But that's another story.

They don't usually have it on the sheet as you won't actually require bag tags as your luggage will be with you.

I would definitely do it again but I don't think I would do it if I was on a monster ship just because of the behaviour of the people who think they can carry off all their own (5) pieces of luggage that each of them are carrying.
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