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Originally Posted by nlb1050 View Post
Kuki, a few weeks ago I was at the Doubletree Surfcomber. Of course we did not pay for the room but were there as guest of Bud Light for part of the "BUD Light Hotel with the Hooter Girls" for the pre Super Bowl parties. Room we had was not that bad but definitely not the best either.
If my room had come with Hooter's girls I wouldn't have complained either!

Tonight we had cocktails and dinner on the fine folks at Royal Caribbean, along with many other press, at the W Hotel. The property is quite something. The food and service... not so much. A bit too "boutiqe like" for me. But it was still a very enjoyable evening.

As I walked back down Collins Ave to the Loew's I passed by Paul's hotel. According to the lit neon sign it says it's the R Hotel (not the DorchesteR). That gave me a good chuckle to end the night

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