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I am glad to hear that more emphasis is being placed on Asia. Was there a mention of South America? It seems that the cruise lines have fewer South America cruises. This could be related to the problems with Brasilian visas. Perhaps the cruise lines could use their influence to include Brasil in the Visa Waiver Program. This would lower the cost and hassle of obtaining a Brasilian visa because the Brasilian government is reciprocating with the same fees and hassles that Brasilians have when trying to obtain U.S. visas.

I also am interested in what is happening with Australia and New Zealand. P&O has the largest market down under but there seems to be more cruises coming in 2011. Will there be a concerted effort to exploit that market?

Kuki: Asking if the cruise lines are actually using pasteurized eggs will be a good question and one I'd be interested in knowing. I am an advocate of "Cage Free" production but the definition of that is so nebulous it can just mean there is a window in the barn. My "guess" is that the cruise lines do not use these eggs. However: I would never go as far as some places that have actually "outlawed" sunny side and easy over eggs.

You guys have fun and don't get too tipsy in the hospitality suites.

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