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Really interesting, and hey your all buds on a web board and I admit personally I don’t know you as folks and your financial circumstances. But with the few votes we have so far the ports visited and the cost per person are so far in the lead. That is really interesting, and why?

Well the world is a small place and the major ports will never change for the Carib and Europe etc. But the ships will on nearly a daily basis change, but the ports remain the same and the ships will keep getting bigger, so how is that going to work in some traditional places or ports?

Something has to change here; we are getting to the point of pouring a pint into a quart pot in some traditional stops, actually in reality from a traditional cruisers point of view we hit that at least 10 years ago.

My thought, the lines have to expand their thoughts and passenger expectation to the places visted and not just "bigger and better ships" and not just dump all of us year after year into the same old places that just happen to have a port that meets their "criteria". And if that means they have to invest in making other places accessible to their ships, so be it. Dig the channels, build the docking,,its a win for the local economy and a win for them

As an example, Amusement Parks spend millions every year on new attractions or rides to bring people in the next year, the cruise industry may do the same on new ship spend,,,,,,but its the same old ride they take you to in the end.

New ships are nice, but let’s have investment in new places to experience. Just my opinion as being on ship is not all I am looking for in the experience, but the lines seem now to think it is.

They give you a new ship, but they visit the same old places,,it does not work for me. That’s not why I started cruising, simple

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