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After lunch today and a stop at the Crystal Press Conference, followed by the Luxury Cruising Forum I visited the trade show floor. The number of booths, all in some way related to cruising was pretty amazing.

Interestingly the only crowds I found were the booths which were also offering free food and drinks. The Hong Kong and Oslo booths were by far the busiest. No doubt there'd be interest in these two great ports, but I'm guessing they had the best food and drinks on the floor. I was still too full from lunch to fight get a taste of what they were serving. Maybe tomorrow.

I haven't yet tracked down the "safest egg" booth to follow up, but I did come across the Ving Card booth, and caught their presenter from Monday's forum, Gerald McMillan, Vice President of Marine Operations there. I had a follow up conversation with him, and you'll have to read my Wed. Blog for the stories, which I think are very interesting, and entertaining. You can be the judge.
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