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As mentioned, we went to the famous Joes's Stone Crab for dinner tonight as guests of Carnival Corporation. Executives and Management of all the Carnival Corp lines were there, including Mickey Arison.

Dinner was fun and fabulous! Much of the discussion with the press member's present was about the "shot across Alaska's bow" that I reported on earlier in the day, by Stein Kruse, Holland America's President and CEO. There was a rumor spreading at dinner that the Governor of Alaska was not in the room at the time, as we'd thought and reported.

Just as we were leaving dinner I got lucky and found myself standing next to Stein Kruse as he was retrieving his vehicle from valet parking.

He kindly answered a few questions about the response he's received since his comments this morning. He said "most comments have been VERY positive and supportive, but that's not unexpected considering it was an industry crowd".

I continued.. and asked him about the rumor that the Alaska governor had not been present to hear his remarks. He said "Oh he was there. And he heard my remarks VERY CLEARLY".
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