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Originally Posted by Michelle1959 View Post
I'm not a gambler other than $4 on the lottery every week.

but I am planning to play the slots and blackjack on Imagination next week.

What is the minimum dollar amount to play blackjack?
Also, are they quarter slots, nickel, etc?

Do you get nickels or quarters or use your S&S card to play the slots?

I only want to plan to allot $50 for the casino (that is I am not willing to lose more than that).

So if I blow $25 on the slots, how many hands of blackjack will $25 get me?


There are penny, nickle, dime, quarter and dollar slots. My wife will take $20 and play penny slots for a couple of hours. Just be careful. You can bet up to 100 pennies at a time. You can also bet 5 at a time. The slots are almost all electronic where you can either use your S&S or get a paper "chit" from the machine and insert that into a slot machine. I'm not a slot player so I can't really explain in detail but you don't have to touch any money but I know using your S&S would make it easy for a undisciplined person to overspend.

I believe the minimum table on Carnival is $5. So you can play five hands of blackjack. Then again, if you win...

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