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Mike, thanks, seems I can gamble for longer ( = more chances to win) if I just stick to the slots. I'll stick to to blackjack on my pda

Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky and hit a huge jackpot! :0

Originally Posted by Mike M View Post

There are penny, nickle, dime, quarter and dollar slots. My wife will take $20 and play penny slots for a couple of hours. Just be careful. You can bet up to 100 pennies at a time. You can also bet 5 at a time. The slots are almost all electronic where you can either use your S&S or get a paper "chit" from the machine and insert that into a slot machine. I'm not a slot player so I can't really explain in detail but you don't have to touch any money but I know using your S&S would make it easy for a undisciplined person to overspend.

I believe the minimum table on Carnival is $5. So you can play five hands of blackjack. Then again, if you win...

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