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We went to the rehearsal spot for thre new Norwegian Epic Cirque Dreams show last night, and we had a preview of the experience they are planning to offer on the ship.

It is a trulu unique and amazing experince that will surely be as popular as the Blue Man group on the new ship.

The idea here is an interactive circus performance with acrobats, tumbles, etc. (no live animals) that perform in the round in a dining room built inside a circus tent themed room.

This is truly a quality production - not just a concept hashed out as some other circus style idea we have seen before. We saw the actual performers and what is shaping up to be the actual routine for the (the director was quick to note that anything could change at any time, but the basic premise is solidly in place).

There is a central character who is something of a ringmaster who taakes the audience through various experiences as if he is just experiencing them himself. The action is just a little beyond his control adding to the fun of what happens.

I have a ton of pictures and even video I will be posting soon, but here is a taste.

I have many many more pictures as well as great video which I will be posting when I have more time. It is noew the middle of the night. This is going to be a very exciting ship and I know many CruiseMates are excited about it.
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