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Default Guest Services Officer on rccl

Hi All. My name is Vesko, and i was accepted for the Guest Services Officer at the Royal Caribbean Cruise lines, there is a big chance that i will go to the Celebrity Solstice sometime soon. The agency that hooked us all up to the RCCL agent, told us just couple of things about the real conditions on the ship, and i always have the feeling that they're tryin' to hide smng from us. Please, i would really appreciate, if some member here knows more about this position, it's a staff position, and they told us that we won't have to share a cabin, which is very good, but i'm sceptic about that. So what i really wanna know is from someone who can tell me and my colleagues for sure 100%... Do we share the cabin while working onboard? Is it true that we have special discounts for all beverages and food (besides the included F&B of course)? Do we have direct contact with the guests, i.e can we get tips? I know i'm asking a lot of questions, but really, i wanna make sure i know everything before i go onboard, i don't want to have any unwanted surprises there. I am from Macedonia, the middle wages here are 250 eur, this position is around 1,700$ and i am looking forward to it, cause i wanna earn more money.

Many thanks to all of you in advance. Please if you have an answer to at least 1 question, don't hesitate to post !

Thanks. Sincerely, V.
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