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Lets be honest, for all the names that they sail under the majority of the lines today are owned by Carnival.

If they were on land, its like they will build new hotels but then stick them in the same old piece of reality they own time after time.

The more crowded or unappealing that piece of estate gets to due to "people volumes" does not seem to concern them, as they have it in their head that the port is secondary and the ship is first.

As they cram more and more ships into small places with now 8 or 10 ships of their various "lines" docking at the same time, and knowing that this docking plan will increase that ports population per day by 1000% when in port, they are killing some places for experience.

They ignore the potential experience of the passenger going on shore to that place as it is secondary to them, it's only what happens on ship that counts to them, the ports just happen to be there for one reason or another in their heads.

For example in the late seventies there were some Carib ports and they are still the same size today that you would have been lucky to be docked on or off shore with one or maybe two other ships. Back then and between them they may have unloaded 1,200 - 1,600 passengers that day, it was an enjoyable experience that port.

Nearly forty years later, the same small place can now have up to 6 or 8 ships dumping at least 2,000 passengers each that day, do the maths and think why I question the on shore experience and the need for more ports of call.

Is it just me, how many ships have you seen sitting on or off shore dumping folks into places that were not built to take that influx of folks at any given time?

Give us more ports, and spread your lines / ships to suit
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