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Angry Unloading Passengers

Until last year we have been fortunate NOT to be at any ports where the mega ships are docked.. or more than two. Then we stopped in Nassau last April and Antigua...and it was wall to wall tourists with cameras and beach towels.. and the locals telling you that "their" store had the finest and best prices.. Okay, call me a snob, but I hated it..hated it, hated it.. In Bermuda cruise ships are limited to the number of guests and crew they can bring;s certainly not perfect and they have added a new docking area, but oh Nassau turned my stomach.. there must of been more than five ships in port.. Sometimes I wonder why people cruise when I hear them asking the "shopping experts" on the ship who has the best prices for watches or cameras or black diamonds or whatever. One of things I do appreciate cruising t/a is fewer ships in port, one of these days we will cruise South America...we have already done land trips there in our younger days.. I can guarantee that there is one port on my next trip.. a country and port I've been to before as a visitor for the week.. that I just may stay on board rather than fight the mobs going bar hopping .. I'm proud to be a tourist and a cruiser.. Sorry for the rant, but tripping over thousands of day cruisers is not my idea of fun
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