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This 10 day from HAL looks good we have never cruised this cruise how are they?

We like HAL...they offer a quieter type of least on the Oosterdam. Really beautiful beautiful ship. Absolutely spotlessly clean everywhere! Service was perfection.

But there can be a downside...after 10:00pm it's dead (I mean there's was no nightlife) It was very quiet. Now this works for my husband and I...but my, son on my recommendation cruise on HAL's the Amsterdam in the Caribbean and hated it. BUT I say it couldn't have been that bad 'cause he's booked HAL again for a cruise in the Mediterranean. HA!

The food is good...not great. You know compared to Celebrity who has wonderful food. So overall the food is not quiet up Celebrity level...but it's still good and there is a nice variety.

The cabins on HAL are bigger than Celebrity. That's a plus because HAL does longer type cruises.

Thanks for the information on Sea of Cortez. We haven't tried Carnival yet. But we've heard they vastly improved over the years, and we do want to cruise the Sea of Cortez!
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