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I hope someone will correct me if I am mistaken.....not till I looked at the map below, did I realize that, Grand Turk, was not on the main island, but an island unto itself...Not sure if there is anything to tour, other then right by the ship.

Carnival built this port for their passengers. We were there in October, and, if you are not a beach person, there is really not much for you to do...I thought the next time we went there we would tour the city, but guess not...

There is a nice beach, as you walk off the dock here, and a big pool within the shopping area..Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville, is there poolside, with several shops, and a Carnival store...which basically, stocks what you see on the ship, but in larger quantities.

The water is glorious, and for sun worshipers a haven in paradise....below is the map....


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