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Originally Posted by katlady View Post
I need the night life. That was my problem with my Celebrity cruise to Alaska to quiet at night. Maybe we had a bad week, because Celebrity Infinity dining room was some of the worst food I have had on a cruise.
You know my son loves Carnival...but not for what I would think (nightlife) but he says the food is really good. Surprise! But he does like the dancing and 24 hour type stuff going on too.

When we cruise to Alaska on the Infinity...we never ate in the dining room...not once. On the first night it was so confused, the dining tables were just packed in so tight you could hardly pass from the dining entrance to the middle of the room. We just walked out and never came back. Sooo don't know how the food was in there. We did the buffet and the alternative restaurants and found them surprisingly good.

If you think Celebrity's night life was bad...then HAL is NOT for you...hahaha The Oosterdam was really really really quite...I mean even WE noticed how quite it was. Now it might have been just the passenger censes that was sailing (older more sedate) you can double check before booking HAL. But to be honest...I don't think HAL is known for it's nightlife.
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