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Originally Posted by solidus37 View Post
Tipping is not given automatically. It is earned. Quality service deserves a tip. If the service is not good then we should not tip them.

I agree to others that there should have no automatic tips.
The automatic tip is really a good idea because many passengers DON'T tip. They either forget or think the tip has been included in the price of the cruise. (They think tipping is an extra goodie and service staff's pay is their main's NOT)

Ship service staff depend on these tips and work very hard to earn them.

For example: On some ships we've been on we hardly notice our cabin crew...they're in and out so fast but our cabin was always clean, fresh with everything in place. True we rarely saw them, but that doesn't mean they didn't work hard. It just meant they're efficient and deserve a nice tip.

BTW: We don't use the automatic tipping system because we always tip a little more and we like handing the envelopes personally. But we always tip...unless the service is terrible. And certainly if the service (whichever) was that bad we wouldn't just withhold the tip...we would also report it to Guest Relations so the situation or attitude can be corrected.
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