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Originally Posted by beachbum13 View Post
I have two quick questions. We leave next Saturday on the Crown Princess and I have never sailed on Princess so I'm not sure of their policies.

Do they have "soda cards"? When we were on Carnival we just bought the kids cards and they could get soda at any bar or dinning area. If so how much are they?
Yes, they sell soda "stickers" which is just a coke sticker they put on your cruise card. You flash the card and the bartender will give you a soda. This is only valid for fountain drinks (not cans). It costs $4.25 per person per day +15% gratuity.

Originally Posted by beachbum13 View Post
It says that after boarding we can have lunch at the buffet or a restaurant. But it does not say which places will be serving? If you need reservations? And if there's any charge at the resturants? It does say buffet is free.
The only charges on Princess for food is the specialty restaurants. I'm not sure what ship you are on, but its typically an Italian restaurant (Sabitinis) and a steak house (Crown Grill or Sterling). Those restaurants are for dinner. After you board you can go to the buffet or 1 of the dining rooms is usually open for lunch. No reservation is needed and all are free. You can also go get a hamburger, hot dog, chicken burger or pizza by the pool. All no charge.

Originally Posted by beachbum13 View Post
One last question. About internet, is the best option to just pay ahead??? I'll pay if I have too, just curious if there's a cheaper way?? (If my girlfriend reads this she'll say just do without. But I know if I get it she can keep in touch with her daughter too.) How are connections??? Better than dial-up? If I want to up load some photos I won't use all my time will I???
If I were you, I would just buy a package on the first day for the appropriate # of minutes you think you will need. They usually will have a special on the first day if you buy a package they either have a reduced priced or give you some extra minutes. I can't remember as its been a while since I purchased a package. It is slow and speeds vary greatly (sometimes slower than dial up, sometimes equal, sometimes slightly faster than dial up, but not much faster). Depending on the size of your photos and your package you purchase and how many you upload will determine if you will use it all. Also, because it is satellite, there is no guarantee the connection will be available. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Since I'm platinum on a 7 day cruise, I get 75 minutes for free and usually don't use all of it. I always thought I would use more, but just wasn't on the laptop enough. I did send a few emails, emailed a few pics, and posted some updates and pictures to facebook. To test the speed out, access is free. So just go there and click around and see how the speed is at that time. If it seems decent, then you can login and do whatever you want.
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