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Here is what I posted in response to an identical thread:

Originally Posted by Marc View Post
The prettiest I have been to is probably Dubrovnik or Santorini; Venice does't really top the list because where you dock is pretty non-descript.

The most interesting ports have been St Petersburg and Venice. We have spent multiple days in both and there is still more to see. Venice definitely is the best sail in and sail away.

My least favorite port is Grand Cayman. Tendering, crowds, high costs. and limited sight seeing place it on the bottom.
Linda, you drive me crazy posting the same question on multiple boards. I always read Chit Chat last so I usually end up replying on one thread only to find most of the responses are on the Chit Chat thread.

I guess now is not a good time to ask a question about the Terms of Service rule about spamming the boards.

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