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I found Tahiti to be my favorite with St. Martin close by in second.

As far as Europe/Med...I visited Taoramino on the northern tip of Sicily and really liked it. Rome was nice tho I didn't get to spend much time there.

I don't want to hijack a good thread so remove or delete the following if y'all wish....

Marc & Trip: hope I don't violate the TOS with this but.... When I see a multiple post I usually go the one with the most followup posts in it, which is usually in chit chat anyway....
most folks nowadays don't know about usenet newsgroups but there used to be an etiquette about posting. Probably doesn't apply here but...
The Net Abuse FAQ
The term "spam," as used on this newsgroup, means "the same article (or essentially the same article) posted an unacceptably high number of times to one or more newsgroups." CONTENT IS IRRELEVANT. 'Spam' doesn't mean "ads." It doesn't mean "abuse." It doesn't mean "posts whose content I object to."

Here's the difference between cross-posting and multi-posting: cross-posting is where you list all the groups on the Newsgroups: line of a single post. Multi-posting is where you have some idiotic program fire an individual copy of the post to each group. (If you do it manually, that's even more idiotic.) A cross-post only takes up the space of 1 post (one on every newsserver in the world), no matter how many groups; multi-posting takes up the space of dozens or hundreds of posts (on every newsserver in the world), which is why it infuriates so many people.
So, cross-posting is better than multi-posting. It's still very often a bad idea, and if you get carried away it'll still get cancelled. This is often called Excessive Cross-Posting, or ECP. Some folks still call it "velveeta" because they like cutesy names."

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