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Originally Posted by katlady View Post
I need the night life. That was my problem with my Celebrity cruise to Alaska to quiet at night. Maybe we had a bad week, because Celebrity Infinity dining room was some of the worst food I have had on a cruise. Probably HAL isn't the cruise line for me and the hubby. I'm not a relaxer on a cruise I'm more go and do something type. Trivia, line dancing, mid night comedy show we normally go to bed around 2-3AM. I wish Carnival or Royal would do a true Sea of Cortez cruise like what HAL does. So this goes back to Dayvid's original question HAL has the ports I want, but Carnival has the activities and night life I want. So what wins out?
Kat lady, I felt the same way when I first started cruising. But, as I have aged, I find it does not take as much to keep me entertained, and I now prefer lines that I would not be caught dead on, 10 years ago.

One thing, I hear Alaska cruises tend to attract an older crowd, no matter the line, and are not as "hopping." The food though, that does surprise me. On my two Celebrity cruises, there was great food. I even felt the main dinngroom food was as good if not better than some of the specialty restaurants I have eaten at, on other lines.

Maybe it was an "off" cruise? I know I have cruised Carnival 4 times. Three times the food was great, but once it was the worst food I have had in 16 cruises. If that had been the only Carnival cruise I had taken, I would say canrival has horrible food.
This is how I rate food on the 7 lines I have cruised, in order of best food to worst in the main dinning room:
HAL, Celebrity, Carnival, Princess, NCL, Disney, and RCI. However, the last 3 have great pay extra specialty restaurants. HAL and Celebrity though, you may as well save your money and eat in the main dinngroom.
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