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Default Tipping currency in North America

Probably a silly question, but is it assumed that all tips should be in USD? We are Canadian, leaving from Vancouver to Anchorage. It used to be more of a big deal, but the Canadian Dollar is almost at par with the American right now.. the issue is, our dollars and two dollars are coins.

It will be a pain to exchange a lot of cash prior to boarding just for tipping, but we can do it is necessary. The only thing I don't like about our coin system is that it seems so chintzy to hand over coins for a tip instead of an actual bill... even though they are worth the same thing. Thinking about it, it would actually be quite heavy to carry 30 to 50 one and two dollar coins on board.. hehe. The scanning machines at customs sure won't like us.

Guess we'll be visiting the bank.
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