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Originally Posted by katlady View Post
Originally Posted by katlady
Well you know I agree. Some parents should not be parents. I have left stores early because of someone's screaming, annoying brat. This doesn't mean all kids are screaming annoying brats, I have seem well behaved children they do exist. It depends on the kid.

My brother is severely Autistic. If a child has a Developmental Disability I would know it by watching them. Since I have been around it my whole life. The lack of eye contact and repeating behavior make it easy to see someone is Autistic, if you know what you are looking at. Of course I give a pass to a parent with an Autistic child or a child with any developmental disability. I understand what they are dealing with and I give them a lot of credit.
I know 2 young boys, one has autism-probably "meduim", the other has Aspergers. Neither do "repeated actions." The one with Aspergers is more simply unsure of himself, and has trouble carrying on a conversation with people. He is a "loner." The boy with autism, is even more so a "loner." (except for his mother, even though he is 14, he clings to her-but does not want anyone else to touch him) Now, HE does have trouble looking you in the face, but not the boy with Aspergers.

Now, I met a couple with their daughter who had autism on one cruise. She was very loud.( but, as she was at the pool, it was happy sounds, so I was not bothered) I met them at the pool, the day we were at the private island. They stayed on ship to allow her to enjoy the pool. They told me she would "act out" at times when around a lot of people, which is why they normally kept her away from the public areas. They said they would also take her to the pool during dinner time around 7 pm. First seating would still be eating dinner, and second seating would be getting ready for dinner, so that was a good time to take her.
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