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Originally Posted by katlady View Post
Aspergers is a little different mush more mild than austim. Of course everyone is different. However, most Autistic people don't like loud noises, crowds, making eye contact, and my brother for sure repeats action often tapping a foot in the place place walking back and forward. Maybe this is because is autism is more severe. My brother doesn't talk only a few word like "outside" and "want drinky". Like the parents of the ausitic girl, we know what triggers my brother and try to avoid putting him into a position where he is not comfortable. My brother has never flew, if a baby started crying on a plane my brother might freak out on the plane. Since my brother is over 40 years old all people would see is a man freaking out on an plane that that would not be good. Here is a good website that explains common austism behaviors.
Autism Fact Sheet: National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)
I know a lot about autism, because of my friend's son. I have read up on it. I know Aspergers is not autism, at least most experts say it is not-though a few say it is mild autism. The experts can't agree.

I do believe this can be different with each person, some have all the symptoms you mentioned, others show only a few, or one or two.

Bottom line, as you mentioned, people whose children have this severely, know not to not put them in situations which will cause them to "act out". Ninety-nine times out of one-hundred, if you see a child acting out, he is a so called "normal" child who is merely spoiled by permissive parents who have not done their job in training their children.

As far as your brother, if I saw him getting upset because of a crying child, I would guess he probably had autism. I would not judge him adversely. I would surmise he could not help it.
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