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Originally Posted by katlady View Post
I think my problems with Celebrity are due to the ship. Whenever I had heard complaints about Celebrity it's normally Infinity the person was sailing on. My cruise on Infinity was back in 2006 so maybe the cruise line has worked out the issues on this ship. Celebrity is still a little to laid back for me and my hubby. We want to be doing and seeing on vacation, not relaxing by the pool.

Another thing about us is we don't like to much service. I know that sounds strange, but I want to carry my own plate and find my own table at the buffet. It makes me uncomfortable to be followed around the buffet area with a staff member holding my plate. I'm also the one to self park instead of use the valet at hotels. So for my hubby and I service is less important then good food and lots of activites. That is why Carnival works well for us. I also liked Princess a lot.
Kat Lady I just politely decline their offer to carry my plate to the table. Only HAL and Celebrity do that, of the lines I have cruised, and as there are usually plenty of people much older than me on those lines, that do need help, I think it is nice they do that.
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