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Unless you're a newbie, you know the routine...we choose to pose for the photos..they're not candid shots. If we want to buy them we can...or not.

I don't feel angry or frustrated that the cruise lines offer this service and they're free to charge what they feel the market will bear. The cruise lines are not our personal friends, they're in business to make a profit. I can chose to use their services or not. Easy.

I've own a business and I charged what I thought what was fair for my time, energy and skill. I've had potential clients who thought my fees were to high and chose not to use my services...and that's o.k it was their option. But I didn't say, "Oh you feel my fee's are too high...o.k..what do you feel is fair? Trust me, that didn't happen.

I think printing up the photos is a clever business ploy...(not always a bad thing!) because they know it's a different emotion in operation when you are physically holding or touching a product then when you're just looking at a digital photo of same.

If we're not in the mood or just don't want professional type photos then we just don't go to the area where the photographers are...
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