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Default Help at the buffets

Originally Posted by momofmeg View Post
Kat Lady I just politely decline their offer to carry my plate to the table. Only HAL and Celebrity do that, of the lines I have cruised, and as there are usually plenty of people much older than me on those lines, that do need help, I think it is nice they do that.
The NCL Gem had something all lines should follow.. several tables marked for "handicapped".. whether in a wheelchair, walker, cane or blind.. Now, I know from the food and beverage manager they stopped using trays to cut out on the waste of food!!!! Parrot Pop needs all the help he can get carrying his plates to a handicapped table, but I don't mind..but on NCL they are all over you to do it for you..and if the seas are rocky as they were... I accepted any help I could get
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