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Default Re: Teens on Millenium-class ships


I will be sailing on the Century 6/16 also and I am scared to death there aren't going to be many teens our age! I'm bringing my best friend along for our second cruise together this year. I'm 16 and she's 15. This will be my 4th cruise and my 2nd with Celebrity. We recently sailed to the Eastern Caribbean on Celebrity's prized Millennium, left April 15th and returned the 22nd, and we had the time of our lives. Cruises are a BLAST so don't worry about not having things to do...feeling like you're on a time schedule, etc. Especially with Celebrity, they make you feel like royalty the moment you step on board. The food is absolutely excellent (ALL of it!) the service is superb (everyone is so nice and polite and happy to serve you!) and the ships are in top notch condition. Ask any of the natives at the ports we dock at, I guarantee they will tell you that Celebrity's ships always look the newest. Staff members are constantly cleaning, but they never get in the way of your fun.

Food is available virtually 24 hours a day. There is 24 hour room service, a pizza bar by the pool certain times during the day and then once again in the Island Cafe late at night, closing at 1:30. Bars are open until wee hours and there is a buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You have the choice of dining in the Metropolitain Restaurant for breakfast and lunch, but most people just prefer to head to the buffet. It's easy, fast, and the food is just as good. Desserts are offered at every buffet and there is an ice cream bar at certain times of the day. There's a coffee cafe, Cova Cafe Milano, serving only the best coffees, espressos, and cappuccinos. The pastry bar is right across the way. Our pastry chef on our last cruise was French and all I have to say is wow

The Emporium (shopping) is open only when at sea. This includes nights and days at sea. Well-known products found in these shops range from DKNY to Versace to Gucci to Fossil. Fortunes Casino is also open only at sea and many, many onboard pictures will be taken of you by the Celebrity photographers! Don't miss going to the photo gallery! We had pictures on every wall and almost everyone on the ship knew who we were! (it was great We ended up buying a fortune worth of pictures...they all turned out so good. Photo Gallery is only open when at sea and the only time it's open while docked is when you disembark the ship for the last time.

Celebrity makes sure that there is atleast one staff member per every 2 passengers on every ship in their fleet. The ships are spacious and are among the most elegant afloat. Most cruise lines also like to use their PA system quite often, letting you know of the activities scheduled for each day. If you're looking to relax, this can get quite annoying. With Celebrity, the only time their PA system sounds is when we are officially docked in port and they are used to notify people that they may now proceed to the gangway. They don't even do this at every dock. The most I heard the PA system on my 7 night cruise was three times. Each night when making up your cabin, they bring you a small article for each day you are on board letting you know of the ships activities. Just keep that with you at all times and you will be completely updated with the happenings around you. Remember, if you'd rather just relax, you are not obligated to do anything at all!

What meal seating did you request? For all three cruises that I have sailed on, we have gotten the late seating only because we're night owls and we like to spend more day in the sun out on deck. For main seating, most people are in their cabins getting ready by 5 PM. That's too early for us, but I don't know about you On cruises, there are no bedtimes or curfews for children other than the ones that their parents may enforce. Millennium did not have a teen disco and for some of the time we were stuck out on the back deck listening to music and messing with karaoke. (The Tower was originally designed to be one, but they changed it to a Conservatory and there is no set plce for a disco.) Don't get me wrong, it was a blast, but once you meet people, you tend to want to roam the ship with your new friends. The "teen area" was normally open into the wee hours of the morning, so you may want to be generous with curfews. My friend and I generally would get in at about 3 AM every morning but this may change for this voyage considering we have our own cabin this time and there is no one to wake up Consider the last night of the cruise though...many of the teens convince their parents to let them do all-nighters. My friend and I did and we had a lot of fun spending the last few hours of the ship with our new friends. We now claim it's our "cruise tradition". Haha

I personally LOVE formal nights. They are my FAVORITE nights out of any of them. Of course that may just be me, but Iove to get all decked out in fancy gowns. There will be two on this cruise, but I am not yet sure which nights specifically. I actually got another dress today to wear for the second formal night, which my friend and I have planned to get our hair done in the hair salon. We did this last time and we were VERY happy with the results. There are also formal pictures taken on formal nights. If you go to the photo gallery on other nights though, they should have different backgrounds set up throughout the week where you can have more professional pictures taken.

Well, I don't know what else to say...I know A LOT about cruising and what there is to do on the ships, so if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to e-mail me at! Bon Voyage!

PS. This picture is second formal night aboard the GTS Millennium, and that's me on the right.

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