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Originally Posted by You View Post
Can you do both on a stop in Livorno? If so, what is the best mode of transportation?
I took a shore excursion that visited both Florence and Pisa on my first visit to Livorno, and I still regret it. There simply is not enough time in a day to do justice to both.

Florence is about an hour and a half from Livorno by motorcoach, so any trip to Florence means three hours in transit. If you want to go there, I strongly recommend booking one or another of the ship's shore excursions, as this will provide totally seamless transportation as well as bypassing queues for admission to the attractions that it visits. Most of the shore excursions include lunch at a local restaurant, so you'll get to sample the local fare, and they also allow some time on your own after lunch for shopping or whatever.

If you want to maximize your time on your own in Florence, the best way to do so is to book the "shore excurision" called "Florence on Your Own" or something similar. This "shore excursion" basically consists of round trip motorcoach transportation between the pier and the heart of the city. Upon arrival in Florence, the "guide" gives a brief orientation and instructions as to where and when to meet for the return trip, then sets you free to do whatever you wish until the appointed meeting time.

There's also a separate half day shore excursion that visits only Pisa, which is excellent. On some lines, it's possible to do the excursion to Pisa and a separate excursion that visits a Tuscan winery.

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