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[QUOTE=Triton;1267226]...I like the Friends of Dorothy. It is slang, just as the word, "Queen" is...QUOTE]

What most of us forget is that the word "Gay" was a code word just as was "Friends Of Dorothy". If you wanted to ask a fellow homosexual if a certain person in the room was in fact also a homosexual you wouldn't blurt that out in public. One would ask "Is he gay?" But when the word "Gay" began to be well understood in the general public as representing homosexuality (and who would use the word in it's original denotation today...) other means of reference had to be found. We believe that the use of Friends Of Dorothy was not only pertaining to the icon Judy Garland as Dorothy in the Wizard Of Oz but a rather clever substitute for "Gay". Personally I never did like the word "Gay" for it hardly represented my life of turmoil when I was coming out of the closet. How fortunate that we or at least some of us are free to be who we are with the full protection of the law. The use of the wording "Friends Of Dorothy" is now an openly used expression of who we are and is in a way a tribute to the struggle of how we got to where we are today.
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