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Which cruise line has the best entertainment?

Which TV news show is the most objective?

Which restaurant chain serves the best coffee?

Which airline has the best service?

What is the best itinerary for a cruise?

Which hotel chain has the best food?

Which is the best month to take a cruise?

Which brand of automobile is the best value?

Who is funnier, Shields or Yarnell?

Does anyone else here see a fatal flaw in any of these questions?

I am asking total strangers, many of whom do not have a wide range of comprehensive expertise or experience on the subject, to make a judgement based on their own personal likes/dislikes - which may or may not be completely similar to, or completely different from, my own.

In the best case, any answers I receive will be nearly worthless to me. In the worst case, they will be completely confusing.
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