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Originally Posted by Amberderossi View Post
For a new client coming by referral, we charge a couple $150 consultation fee and require them to fill out an application for us to take them on as a client. If they are accepted, their fee is deposited. If not, their fee is returned. This is for a cruise experience which is much more than just the air to get them to the port, the pre/post cruise hotel arrangements and excursions in the ports of call. People are paying us not for opinion but for our advice and time. The COST of the trip is completely separate from our services.

There is a higher level concierge service we offer for unlimited booking throughout the year. That is limited to 50 clients only who fill out an even more detailed questionnaire and there is currently a waiting list. At this level, we are not only arranging their travel, but if they ask they get services from a cleaning service to tidy their home before their return to their pets being taken to the kennel to limo service to and from the airport and the port.

Not everyone pays it but I promise you when our phone rings it is someone we want to talk to and not a price shopper or tire kicker.

Wow - That's a bit much. I'm a TA and would consider you to be over the top and wouldn't even consider using you. You must be in a bif city where people really have money to burn.
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