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Actually I am in a small county but have clients from all over the country through repeat and referral business. The cost of the vacation does not cost more using me than anywhere else. I am not selling travel at all but my advice and expertise. No one is forced to use me, but I am also not chasing $199 cruise passengers either.

I am also able to close 95% of my quotes. If that 5% chooses to try and shop, they are more than welcome as I have already been paid for my time. What I am selling cannot be Googled. If someone says, "XYZ travel is offering pre-paid insurance will I match?" I tell them be sure to check the policies out and make sure they are the same. Otherwise, I wish them well.

I consider myself a professional who deserves to be compensated for my time. If you engage the services of a professional, expect to pay them. I just had my taxes filed and used a professional CPA. He made sure I rendered unto Caesar the minimum amount and for that service her charged a fee. With my fee, I make sure my clients get an experience they cannot find on their own.

Recently a client tried to shop for pre-paid gratuities. I had found they were actually going to pay more for their "Free" gratuities because the agency was not allowing them to book with a senior and resident discount for the same stateroom.

Most clients are not going to shop when they have already invested a healthy chunk of change by retaining your services.
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