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Originally Posted by Kuki View Post
If that business model works then PT Barnum was right.......
You don't have to bother sending me the application form
Yep, you gave the same insulting snarky response last year when this topic came up. While TA's around me have been closing their doors, I was still in business. From a sales perspective, I am also now 18% ahead of last year's sales as this quarter comes to an end over all of last years.

What you call suckers are my bread and butter clients. I guess those people who engage the services of the likes of Bill Fischer are suckers too. No one forces them to pay.

Those who are well traveled and no the ins and outs of cruising forget there are MILLIONS of people who do not. There are people who want desire hand holding and customer service who will pay for it and handsomely.

Every TA I know who has moved to concierge type of services like we offer have lost some clients yet they are far more successful from a business perspective and personal perspective as well than they ever were using the current commission only model.
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