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Originally Posted by felix_the_cat View Post
I don't agree with your anology and I wouldn't even consider charging for a change to a booking. I think that's a ego trip on your part. If you charge $150 per and you have I believe you said, 100 clients that's only $15,000. Not much for an ego trip.

I think I'll just agree with Kuki on this one - there's one born every minute.
By the way, I only charge for client initiated changes. If I am able to find a client an upgrade, a better stateroom or a price reduction, I do it without charge. I have also never had a client take the price reduction. In the past year, 100% of them went for the upgrade and experienced something better for the price that had already agreed.

My 50 clients on my highest plan pay $1000 a year. You do that math. I start at $150 per couple for every booking. Families are higher. Those 45 are just FITs.

I have four groups I am personally escorting of an average of 50 staterooms per sailing over the next 18 months. No initial charge for those, but you make it with markups and those are far more easier to manage. And yes there are cancellation charges as well. There are other groups on the books as well like family reunions etc.
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