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Originally Posted by Amberderossi View Post
Yep, you gave the same insulting snarky response last year when this topic came up. While TA's around me have been closing their doors, I was still in business. From a sales perspective, I am also now 18% ahead of last year's sales as this quarter comes to an end over all of last years.
If you can make a living with that business model then that's fine for you. It's certainly not a service I would recommend to anyone.

As for insulting and snarky... that seems to be the attitude you display (with your own words here) towards your own clients, rather than appreciating them and the fact they are supplying you with a livliehood.

On one hand you're dealing with them to offer them your superb service yet your primary concern is whether you're "leaving money on the table".

I have friends who's net worth is in the 100s of millions of dollars, and none of them throw their money away. They still watch to see where they can save, even when purchasing higher priced vacations. That's one of the ways they got to be multi millionaires.

But I admit there's likely some folks who simply pay. I was offered an Am Ex Black Card. The fee for the card was $5000 per year, and I saw little value in it, other than "status", so I simply tossed it and the fancy box it came in into the trash. Yet, there are people who carry the card. And yes, I think they are suckers!
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