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Do NOT let the detractors get to you...

Kuki - that is like saying "why would I pay to go on Silversea when Carnival also has free food and sails to the same destinations?"

The point is that Amber is providing a premium service for the people who can afford it and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

IF I had that kind of money where I traveled frequently and could get all of the service I wanted for one price per year I would gladly do it.

I am just a little surprised at the naivety of some of Amber's detractors here. Of course there is a clientele of people who are not interested in taking the years we have dedicated to learning the cruise business - but they do want to book vacations including cruises and want the best advice and quick answers to all their questions.

It is like having a full service stock broker - if I didn't understand stocks and options, but I had a few million dollars, would I go the e-Trade and make all my own stock decisions just because their commission is lower than a full service broker?

No - that would be stupid. Sometimes paying people for the knowledge you don't already have is more than worth it, on a cost and time-investment basis - it just depends on what you can afford.
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