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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post

Do NOT let the detractors get to you...
I don't nor do I think badly of those who do not charge a fee nor do not use my services.

It is like having a full service stock broker - if I didn't understand stocks and options, but I had a few million dollars, would I go the e-Trade and make all my own stock decisions just because their commission is lower than a full service broker?
Our model is just like that of the fee only financial planner. People with "100's of millions" use their services too and they certainly are not suckers. We are not tied into any one vendor or cruise line though many of them do pay commission. Our first and foremost customer is that of our client and when they pay a fee they are entrusting us to make the right advice for them, their family and both their wants and needs for a vacation. And yes we do find the best value for those vacation dollars. We also do not sell the lower end mass market cruises either unless grandma wants to take her whole family on a cruise and is paying for it.
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