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Felix - then the question is "why don't you emulate his business model which seems to be rather successful" rather than saying there is anything wrong with what he does.

I certainly did not pick any such talk that he is "better than" anyone else. He just appeals to a different market.

Is Macdonalds as a corporation better than a high end restaurant? not necessarily, one works on volume and sells less expensive food while the latter only has a few select clients that want to buy the cream of the crop and are willing to pay more.

McDonalds makes more money but works a lot harder.

I am sure you are fully quailified to sell the same cruises he sells - but it isn't up to him to change your business model, that is up to you.

I hate to say it, but you just sound a little jealous.

To start such an agency requires setting up shop in an exclusive neighborhood - La Jolla, Beverly Hills, Stanford Connecticut, Palm Beach - usually a storefront. It can take sevarl years to build up a clientele and it usually is done by word of mouth.

maybe it is time to think about this kind of change - because when the day comes that travel agents get "disintermediated" it is going to be the low-cost cruises that get purchased directly first. The highend people will continue to prefer to just call their travel agent and say "I have two weeks in June, I'm thinking Asia, what can you do for me" and the next day they have a typed out itinerary with plane tickets, a rental car, overnight hotel, transportation to the cruise ship and flights home" delivered to their office by overnight Fedex. All they had to do was make a phone call.

THAT end of the business will always be there. Need I remind you there a millions of millionaires in this country? Not all of them shop this way. but some of them do.

If i ever become an agent (and I have never ruled it out based on what I know) I would definitely go this route myself. My Mantra in life is to "go where the money is." I have made too many businesses in life where I went lowball and tried to compete on volume. It's too hard.
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