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Originally Posted by felix_the_cat View Post
Be that as it may - a couple of things. I live in a blue collar area - but more importantly - I'm in Canada. Just can't do it that way. Luckily we have TICO here in Ontario which is to help protect the consumer.
I am really curious what does TICO have to do with charging a professional consultation fee? You never know if can't do it that way until you do it.

I have a friend who does speeches about this subject to TA's across the country. His condo neighbor is an electrician. When he was about to hang up his utility belt because at $35 for his service call was not covering his costs for his tool maintenance, truck, insurance, and his competition was competing on volume and only charging $25 for a service call. My friend told the electrician to raise his call fee to $125 since he was going to quit anyway.

Within six months several of the $25 service call competition was out of business and the electrician had a few employees and more trucks. He has a one page website but that one page says everything about his work and what he does.

My fee is not for travel at all so I have no idea how TICO would affect someone in Canada and how the consumer would need protecting?
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