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Default Epic Studio Staterooms

I was just looking over these staterooms and I see they don't seem to be all they are cut out to be and I now see why they are selling them to singles only.

First of all the they are tiny - but we knew that.

More importantly, the shower is essentially IN THE ROOM with nothing but a glass shield around it - so you are in plain view while showering of anyone you nay be thinking of sharing this room with.

There is almost NO closet space.

And finally - I personally was under the impression that all of the staterooms looked out into the "living room" - but the living room is really very small and most of the windows look out in a hallway - um, not a lot to see except people walking by.

Here is a view looking from one bed with the window to the right. I hope NCL is VEY sure that is one-way glass only because I see no drapes and it is a big wondow. Also, you'd better not have a roommate open the door while you are in the shower! The shower is in plain view of the door front!

What if your room steward walks in?

Here you see the actual studio staterooms are the green ones along the thin hallway in the center. That hallway is what you see out your window. The studio lounge is nearby, the it doesn;t appear that any of these staterooms actually look out on the living room.

Here is the living room - as you can see it is pretty small and there are no windows looking into it.

Just a few things to ponder about these cabins. They are still priced right for a single person, but I certainly wouldn't book two people in there. It isn't like the living room is right outside, "Hey Colin, can you hand me the shampoo?" - nope, if you have a roommate chances are they are NOT going to be in the room when you are showering. And couples had better know their spouses very well 'cause if they drop the soap you are going to see "everything"
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