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Originally Posted by johnthed0g View Post
Interesting point made here that some people seem to imagine that the staff actually care about people, some do maybe, but just think back to the last morning onboard when they just can't wait to get you off the ship! People say to me that because I don't interact with the room steward & chat for ages that I am missing something, maybe I am but the last thing a busy cabin steward wants is an old gasbag going on & on & patronising them about where they live & how little they get paid.
I have had my steward rush to open my stateroom door for me on debarkation morning, even thoguh I had my card key in my hand. I thought it was because we had tipped him extra the night before, and he wanted to show his appreciation.
So no, I don't agree with your statement.

I do believe though the cruise lines prefer the first time cruisers over the seasoned cruisers, as first time cruisers spend more money.
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