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Wando - in fact , according to the picture above which is a family stateroom and below which is a standard inside cabin I now see that all they have for both the shower and the toilet is glass.

In the picture above you can see that it IS see-through glass, but now I see the curtain across the whole bathroom area - it appears to shut off the shower and toilet together, but includes the front door. So you MUST lock the front door - and if you are in the shower or on the toilet and someone walks in (your roommate) then there is no way they are NOT going to see you.

Once they walk past you you will have to ask them to close the curtain, or else get out of the shower (or off the toilet (?) and do it yourself). Of course, if I was sitting on the toilet my wife would probably get just close the curtain for me - because who would want to see that?

I am hoping (and believe) it is translucent glass and that you cannot see through it at all - as it is on the regular NCL ships where you have the shower and toilet in their separate rooms but within an enclosed bathroom, but if you look at the pictures it actually looks as if you can see right through the glass for both the shower and the toilet.

That would awful in my opinion. I obviously don't want to see or be seen in the shower or on the toilet.

For the studios, the toilet does appear to be a solid wall, but the shower does appear to be glass.
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