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Default Cruising With Atlantis Events


I have been on 3 crusies with Atlantis Events.
Although I have preferences regarding cruise lines and ports visted, I have enjoyed all 3 of my cruises with Atlantis Events. Have never experienced any problems. There were always a mix of young and older travelers - however, the Alaska Cruise I did in 2005 was of an older crowd than compared to the Mexico Cruise I did.

I may try RSVP Cruises - life really is too short not to have some variety.

My only complaint with Atlantis Events Team is that they seem to be quite reluctant to try a cruise from or to San Francisco, CA. It just doesn't make sense (to me at least) why they would not at least try it once.

Because of this, I will probably have to book passage on a straight cruise - which I do not really want to do - as there are several straight cruises from and to San Francisco on a regular basis.

I have had several people (whom I personally know) tell me they would be extremely reluctant to go another straight cruise. On the other hand, I have had straight people tell me they would definitely go on a gay cruise.

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