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Originally Posted by catty View Post
Can you do the falls trip and not climb the falls (afraid of heights)? Can you play in the water? What else is there to see there?
You can go up or down the stairs next to the falls. At the bottom (or on the way up) you can "play in the water". There are several ways to move from the falls to the stairs.

If I remember correctly, up until the last segment of the falls there's really not a height problem. You can get out and go on the stairs before then if you want.

There is an area at the top where Jamaican's sell stuff, but if you're not interested just say "no thanks". It doesn't bother me and I found one of my favorite owls (yes, I collect them) at a stall above DRF's.

If you're going to climb, I agree with Trip-buy water shoes at home (Wal-Mart has them).
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