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Catty, the " Falls " at Dunn's river is not a waterfall in the true sense but more like a steep rapids that cascades down in steps to the ocean. There's a wide, easily traveled trail alongside the river and falls that you can follow to the bottom. It has benches to sit and rest, as the climb back up is a little steep in places. There's a small beach area where the river empties into the ocean.
At the top coming back up is where you have to pass through an area of shops where the vendors can be a little pushy --if you're not interested in anything, just say no thanks, smile and keep walking. If you stop, they'll be on you. If you want to shop, you'll have ample opportunity to do so but as I said they can be persistent.Dunn's River is not what we would call a river here in Ky--more of a creek but it is pretty and a lot of fun. If you do decide to climb up the Falls through the water, take the others advice and take you a pair of water shoes and be careful--you can easily fall and possibly hurt yourself, as the rocks can be slick. Be careful of carrying a camera if you do take to the water as you stand a good chance of ruining it.
Back next to the pier is a shopping complex, beach, Jimmy Buffets, etc. so there's quite a lot to do right at the dock if you're into that .
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