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Here are the answers I received from NCL:

Q: I was just looking at the renderings for staterooms on Epic - and in those renderings it appears that the shower and even some toilet walls are glass. Are these renderings accurate in that sense? Or are these solid walls? Also - does the curtain go all the way across the room so it also closes off the shower and toilet, or does it wrap around the shower?

A: The New Wave and Studio staterooms do have frosted glass shower walls. There are no curtains on the showers, or setting off the bathroom areas - the rooms are open, with a completely modern style and design.

Q: Also, I was looking at the deck plans for the Studio staterooms and it appears none of their windows actually look out into the living room (Studio Lounge) - the view through the windows appears to only be the corridor leading to the living room - correct?

A: Correct. The Studio staterooms look out into the corridor leading into the living room. The living room is a public space and set within - but not overlooking the studio guestrooms so guests can enjoy the space without having their sleep or private time interrupted.

Also - do you have more information on the studio lounge, such as the dimensions? Is it two utile stories or just one? On the deck plans and in the rendering there does not seem to be much there, especially upstairs, but it is hard to say. What exactly is in the Studio Lounge for people to do?

A: The Studio Lounge is two-story and is a private lounge where the 128 guests staying in the Studio complex can hang out, read a book, have a drink, order room service, watch TV and meet their neighbors. It provides an extended space to the Studio guest rooms.

Q: Also - what is between some of the studio staterooms such as 11534 and 11526?

A: Back of the house areas

Q: Also - where is the keyed access point for the studio staterooms - is the entire complex of rooms, including the studio staterooms keyed off - or is it just the living room that is keyed off (priority access to studio guests)?

A: The entire complex is accessible by keycard. The access points are near the elevator landings and at the ends of the corridors on decks 11 and 12.
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