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As usual - the answer is somewhat unclear - the question being whether or not you see through the glass. They say it contains frosted glass on the shower - no mention of the toilet.

Now you have an idea of how hard my job actually is - I ask questions of cruise lines and I am lucky if I get an answer, and when I do get an answer I an lucky if it has the information I really need. Needless to say, I am a little frustrated about this process - I have found certain cruise lines to be a bit "dodgy" about answering questions lately.

What about the toilets? Are they glass and can you see through this glass at all? It appears like see-through in the renderings for both the shower and toilet. Is that just an effect of the rendering?

Plus I would really like more details on the Studio Lounge than what has already been said - how big and utile is it really? This was originally designed for dbl oc. meaning 256 people. Is there a bar there with a bartender, or some other easy way to get adult beverages other than room service? I am just surprised how small it appears to be on the deck plans - seems somewhat claustrophobic and useless. Maybe the idea is not to have people using it so much if you can't get a beer there without ordering room service. This idea seemed like a real drawing point to me, but now my thoughts are that it will probably be mostly empty most of the time and certainly not really a gathering place for these singles.
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